[CAM] I have free snowdrops plants for anyone

Priscilla J Kucik pkucik at uwm.edu
Mon Apr 20 11:02:37 CDT 2009

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I planted the whole yard from one clump. They are small plants with beautiful white flowers and 
bloom mid-March-- often through the snow or a sheet of ice. They are hardy plants, can be 
transplanted any time. I plant them in straight lines along a border or in a circle around
a birdbath. They only spread along those lines. when the bloom is gone, it looks like a
healthy grass and few weeds will go around them.  By the 3rd year, they're spectacular. (0ld 
country saying, "The first year they sleep.  The second year they creep. The third year
they LEAP.")  

Priscilla "Pete" Kucik
pkucik at uwm.edu

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