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April 21, 2009
Baron and Baroness: Spring Court is May 2! Please submit award 
Exchequer: Time to change banks, because ours wants to charge a fee. Will 
do research and wrap this up via a phone Curia before the end of the 
Herald: Lots of things going on in the background. Arnbjorn is the new 
Deputy Herald.
Minister of Children: Needs to talk to Albrecht about Border Skirmish. 
(See "Border Skirmish", later on this page.) There will be childrens' 
activities at May Moot - rhyming contest, candle making, etc. Note from 
Seneschal: Need to make totally sure that we're set up for having kids on 
site at events, to avoid potential problems down the line.
Chronicler: This is Arnbjorn's last Tower - the new Chronicler will be 
Geffroi. Send articles by April 26. Arnbjorn is also making changes to the 
Baronial Directory - hopes to have it completed by June or July.
Web Minister: Working on the Baronial Resources area of the site. Please 
send me information about local resources: fabric stores and restaurants 
have been covered, but we also want brewing and vintning supply stores, 
embroidery supplies, leatherworking, pottery, glass, etc. Any craft which 
requires shopping, we'd like to know where to shop for it.
Minister of Arts and Sciences: A&S night next Tuesday (April 28), 6 PM, 
Shorewood library. Might have a movie for people to watch. There will be 
an A&S competition at Baronial Championships.
Knights Marshal: We continue to have fighting. Need to have an outdoor 
place as well - this week's practice will be at Kinnicinnic River Parkway 
at 6 PM. Note also that we're about to change Kingdom Earl Marshals (from 
Sir Tristan to Sir Gunther Kegslayer). Check out the new thrusting tip 
Seneschal: Office is open. We actually have an applicant, but we can take 
more than one...

Old Business:
Boar's Head: We need volunteers for Troll and a few other positions 
(Rapier MIC, Herald, Cleanup Coordinator...). Meetings will start after 
Border Skirmish.
Storage Locker Party: Monday, June 8, 5 PM - and don't be afraid to arrive 
late. Actual location forthcoming.
Border Skirmish: The website is up and running. Need more volunteers - see 
the website for more details. The city expects us to have a window of time 
for the public to visit. The Northshield Pavilion will be there. We will 
also have a silent auction for Aesa and Wilhelm to cover their personal 
expenses. We will also have a children's Capture the Flag event happening. 
(The kids will split into teams, strategize, design their own flags, and 
play.) Need adults to wrangle that.

New Business:
Baronial Sunshade: Their Majesties have requested that each Barony make 
their own sunshade, using a simple pattern that they will provide. More 
details forthcoming. (Note: Check out Hamilton Dry Goods - 
http://www.hamiltondrygoods.com/ - for inexpensive sunforger fabric.)
Taxes: We typically pay taxes at Border Skirmish. We intend to do so 
Castle Fever: People should go to this event. May 22-25. It's also a 
Highland Games: Sept 5-6 (Labor Day weekend). Should we do it as a demo 
Spring Court/May Moot: May 2. cooking outdoors! How to put up four 
different styles of pavilion! Campers round table! Other stuff! Submit 
award recommendations!

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