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Greetings All,


Geoffrey brought up the fact at Curia that there is an effort in motion to
have people sponsor shade flys so that they can be owned by groups, be they
Shires, Baronies or households but they then can be used all together to
create shade on the battlefields at Northshield events, or events like
Pennsic, or Gulf Wars, for the whole army.  From what he had said, the
Barony seemed amenable to this idea but needed more information.  That
information is below, cut and pasted from an e-mail that I received, when I
asked for more info.


One thing  we would need to decide is do we want to make this out of
Sunforger - I believe it was brought up at Curia that we could get it for
$6-$7/yd - or take the suggestions given in the instructions and in the
e-mail below and use a fabric like Trigger.  Also if we choose not to use
canvas and use a Trigger type fabric we would need to decide if we want to
make this on Northshield colors, or in CAM colors, or other colors.  This
shade fly would be paid for and made by CAM and basically belong to us but
be on loan at larger events for use by the army, at least that is my


The third major thing that we would need is someone who can organize this
project and organize the people to accomplish this project.  It would be
pretty awesome to have this available to use at Boarder Skirmish, not sure
if that is doable or not.


I'll answer questions if people have them.






Directions are on the Dragonwing site.
http://midtown.net/dragonwing/sunshade.htm  The plan is to make a shade with
3 panels of fabric.  I have used a 6-8 oz poly cotton twill for shade flys
and I have been very pleased with the performance.  Trigger is a pretty
decent fabric for this application and can be readily available at most
fabric stores.  I'm planning to look at SR Harris this weekend and get
fabric for Nordskogen's shade that we are making and explore the possibility
of securing enough yardage for other people making shade flys.  


The shade fly will measure 9-10' in the center with 6' sides.  I'm proposing
using 2 panels of yellow and a panel of black in the center (although it can
be reversed) and black or yellow "wings" at each opening.  I'm planning to
decorate Nordskogen's with either a compass rose/ griffin, probably a
stencil or screen print.  I'm also going to add snowflakes.  If you are
interested in the exact measurements of each piece I'm happy to share, but
it's basically big rectangles and the lengths are easy enough to work out.
The base will measure ~ 15' long and 20' wide.  It will use 3 center poles
and 4-6 side poles.



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