[CAM] Law Change - input needed

Tonia G Heng tatianam at ameritech.net
Thu Apr 23 22:22:57 CDT 2009

Hi All,

For those of you who are Northshield residents I wanted to remind you that
your Crown would like your input.  Their Royal Majesties Stephen and
Ailleanne have proposed a law change that would combine Crown and Coronation
into one event.  They posted this in Their April Northwatch missive, which
can be found at http://northshield.org/Reigns/Reign10/missive.htm

A selection from Their April letter is "Ours will mark the tenth reign of
Northshield, while We look forward to the summer months, We also believe
this is a proper time for a retrospective look at Our Kingdom. Evaluating
what we do well, what and where we can improve, and what hasn't worked so
well. With this in mind, We have put forth for commentary by the populous a
change in Kingdom Law that would combine Crown Tournament and Coronation
into a single event. The feedback that We receive from this commentary will
greatly influence Our decision on how to proceed with this issue." 

They really would like to get commentary from everyone on this, not only
peers, but everyone.

So if you have a minute please send them your thoughts on this. They are
quite serious that the input from the commentary They receive will greatly
influence Them.  They can be reached at: King at northshield.org  and
Queen at northshield.org

As many of you know I am TRM chamberlain BUT I do not write this on behalf
of TRM, I write this to you all from "just plain Tatiana" because I think it
an important issue and that everyone should take the opportunity to voice
their opinion on.

In Service,


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