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About the moot.  I do have one of those metal, round firepits and it can be 
used on the cement part of the patio or the driveway.  All tent erecting 
will just aerate the lawn.
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> Greetings from Rose Marian, May Moot Steward.
> A number of new administrative policy issues have recently come to light
> regarding our use of the Menomenee Falls Park facilities for our moots.
> Our Seneschal Geoffrey and his Lady Wife Tatiana are diligently trying to
> work through them with the Parks dept., but there is no guarantee that
> they will be resolved by Friday.
> After a discussion with Geoffrey, Tatiana, and Baroness Alice last night,
> we're moving the May Moot to the Baroness' estate and the nearby park,
> where there is plenty of room for fighting, melee practice if so desired,
> and archery is also an option.
> We realize we have a long tradition of moots at this park,
> and this need for site change is unfortunate.
> PLEASE don't bombard Geoffrey and Tatiana with questions.
> Let them continue to work with the Parks dept to see if a resolution may
> be reached for future use of the Park facilities by our Barony.
> They're both spending a lot of time dealing with this matter as it is.
> The May Moot starts at 10:30am and has the theme of Camping and related
> outdoor activities. This Moot includes the Spring Court of Their
> Excellencies Alasdair and Kateryn, and a Pot-Luck feast.
> The following classes will be presented
> "Fire Building with a Purpose": Lady Deonysia of Rye will present a fire
> building class, including information on campfires for warm, campfires for
> cooking, and celebratory campfires.
> "Period Camp Cooking with Coals": Following Deo's class (so the coals
> generated by Deo's class may be conveniently used) is a period outdoor
> cooking class by Lady Katlin Laureana Sewall, including the baking of
> bread over campfire coals.
> "Candlelight for Your Camp": Lady Nikea de Leon will be giving a
> candlemaking class, meant for the youth but the "young at heart" are
> indeed welcome to come and play. Come make candles to light your camp at
> night!
> "A Simple Wooden Camp Table": Lord Albrecht of Caer Anterth Mawr is giving
> a class on building a simple wooden camp table. This is a hands-on class,
> so participants will be expected to help work on the construction with
> hand tools. The completed table will be part of the auction at Border
> Skirmish.
> "Raising Your Roof": Erection of 4 types of period pavilions. Starts at 
> 1pm
> Contemplating making or buying a pavilion? Come and see how they are
> constructed and erected, and what might be best for you.
> The owners will be on hand for questions during erection.
> Pavilions available for learning are:
> A round pavilion from Count Valerius and Lady Adeliz,
> A marquee pavilion from Lady Marie la Falconniere
> A Viking A-Frame Pavilion from Comtesse Guinevre du Dragon Vert
> A double Bell French wedge pavilion from Lady Deonysia of Rye
> "Event Camping Roundtable": There is no teacher like experience!
> Bring your "storm stories" from camping at events. Share what happened,
> and suggestions for fixing damage to your camps and preventing problems at
> future events.
> "Youth and Camping Events": Presented by Lady Nikea de Leon. For the
> youth-What to expect and how to prepare for a camping event. Youth may
> bring camping gear for review and repair/maintenance suggestions.
> "People in Period Contest": The youth will present/perform a song, story,
> or poem about a period historical person of their choice. Lady Nikea is
> supplying prizes for the best presentations. We hope to make this contest
> "pre-court" entertainment if the Baron and Baroness agree.
> There are a couple of other classes under discussion/development.
> The fire-related classes (campfire, cooking, candlemaking) classes will be
> located at Baroness' Alice's home (close by a water source.)
> Location of the others I need to discuss with the individual instructors
> per the site change.
> More details will be forthcoming.
> Thank you for your patience and understanding.
> Rose Marian, May Moot Steward
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