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So... Geffroi.... are ye a fightin man?  Just curious :)

On 4/30/09, Winter Guite <k_jerico at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  Greetings all,
> I just read the May Song, and as much as I love to see my own name in
> print, I was disgusted with one part of it.
> In my introduction, which was written hastily, I stated that I serve at the
> pleasure of His Excellency.  I made no mention of the Baroness, Her Excellency,
> Kateryn of Cornwall.  This was an unforgivable error of omission on my
> part.  There was nothing implied in only giving respect to Baron Alasdair.
> I humbly beg forgiveness for this slight and will o'er come any trial our
> fair Baroness sees fit to burden me with to correct this grievous error.
> Shamefully,
> Geffroi la Tailleeur
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