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I did indeed "ask" for it! :)  

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A couple of things need to be addressed.  There is an error in the "Events and Moots Schedule"  Border Skirmish is listed as happening on June 5-7.  This is incorrect.  The correct dates are June 12-14.  I have informed Arnbjorn and he and Ableard will work on getting this corrected.  The reason this keeps happening is that when we had our planning meeting we "tentatively" set the dates for June 5-7, but once everything was in place and all was figured out the dates were changed to June 12-14.  So, please mark your calendars correctly June 12-14 is Border Skirmish.

As for our good incoming Chronicler, your apology was elequent and sincere and would have been more than sufficient.  You are new to our area and I completely understand how an error like that could have happened and take no grave offence.  I would have been content to accept your apology and let it go with that.  However, you did say below that you feel a trial will make you feel better and I don't want you to feel bad so I will see what I can come up with ......  Braa haa haa haa evil grin.

Everyone please remember - he asked for it!!!!

Baroness Kateryn of Cornwall

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> Greetings
> all,
> I just read the May Song, and as much as I love to see
> my own name in print, I was disgusted with one part of
> it.
> In my introduction, which was written hastily, I
> stated that I serve at the pleasure of His Excellency. 
> I made no mention of the Baroness, Her Excellency, Kateryn of
> Cornwall.  This was an unforgivable error of omission
> on my part.  There was nothing implied in only giving
> respect to Baron Alasdair.  I humbly beg forgiveness
> for this slight and will o'er come any trial our fair
> Baroness sees fit to burden me with to correct this grievous
> error.
> Shamefully,
> Geffroi la Tailleeur
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