[CAM] OT: Madison Space Needed Temporarily

laneburns at northwesternmutual.com laneburns at northwesternmutual.com
Wed Dec 2 15:32:40 CST 2009

I'm trying to help out a couple of friends of mine.


This couple is looking for a place to stay in Madison from mid-December
to mid-February. They are artists from Seattle-area, and only in town
for the two months in order to  study with another local artist.  She's
a top-notch bellydancer and he's apprenticing with a Madison man who
does hand-made guitars.  Both are wonderful people and this could prove
a great experience to meet new people.


The deal is that they don't have a lot of money to rent an apartment,
hotel or motel for those two months. Everything (including rooms for
let) they've found on Craigslist is out of their price range.  They are
just looking for a room or place where they can stay quiet and out of
the way.  He will be driving to his study each day, and she will most
likely working on sewing projects.  They would also need to have access
to the kitchen in order to make their own vegetarian meals.  I know they
are willing to pay some money, but can't afford a lot.  (They are not
allergic to animals either.)  


I'm contacting you because you might have space for this couple, or you
might know someone who would.  Or you might know a great deal that isn't
public. Contact me with any questions, thoughts or suggestions as soon
as you can.


Thanks for all your help!




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