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Sun Dec 6 22:04:10 CST 2009

Oh definitely .... "Pre-Gift Exchange" sounds very appropriate in  
deed!   Thanks Your Excellency. :)

In fact ...... for those thinking this might be a fun activity (and  
you'd be absolutely right in thinking that), and possibly wanting to  
participate but not exactly sure how to go about it .... please allow  
me to elaborate as it would be my pleasure to do so! ;D

All that is necessary is .... to simply bring an anonymous, wrapped  
gift (something inexpensive, or perhaps even handmade which is always  
lovely if you like) to Yule Court.  We will have a table to collect  
the gifts and a basket/jar/or box containing pieces of paper with  
numbers 1 through ??? on them.  For every gift you bring (and some do  
bring several small gifts), you will need to take one number! This is  
very important part so you definitely dont want to forget to get yours  
once you put your gift(s) on the table. Then sometime during the  
night's festivities (and with our Steward's approval) we will gather  
together so that the rules can be explained and the exchange can begin!

Last year's exchange was really quite exciting and "competitive", so  
Im looking forward to seeing what this year's exchange will bring!   
Its the only time where stealing is permissible and will not have you  
"locked away in the stocks" by our Baron and Baroness! ;)

Sigrid "Exchange" Svensdottir

On Dec 6, 2009, at 9:32 PM, Linda Moore wrote:

> The Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr Presents:
> Yule Court
> Saturday, December 12, 2009
> St. Edmund's Anglican Church, Elm Grove, WI
> 14625 Watertown Plank Road, Elm Grove
> Festivities start at 4:00 pm
> Fees: None (donations are welcome).
> Feast is potluck, please bring a dish to share.
> There will be a potluck, court and general revelry.
> Directions
> Come celebrate the season at CAM’s Yule Moot!
> We will be celebrating with a combination of Medieval traditions and  
> modern fun! We will make Yule Wreaths, share a Wassail cup, burn our  
> unwanted traits in a Yule Log, and try to keep up on the Twelve Days  
> of Christmas in song. In addition, we will have a Re-gift exchange  
> (maybe this year a pre-gift exchange?), as well as The Third Annual  
> Master Solomon ben Jacob Storytelling Contest.
> A pot-luck dinner will be held, so dig out your favorite winter  
> dishes to share.
> Court will be held at their Excellency’s pleasure.
> Some of the things to look forward to:
> Yule Log : For the Vikings, the yule log was an integral part of  
> their celebration of the solstice, the julfest; on the log they  
> would carve runes representing unwanted traits (such as ill fortune  
> or poor honor) that they wanted . . . take[n] from them. . . . part  
> of the log was kept for the following year, when it would be used to  
> light the new yule log.
> I am hoping that we will have a log that we can burn in a grill  
> outside. Bring anything you wish to have ‘burned’ with you, and  
> leftover pieces will be distributed for good luck, and to start your  
> own Yule log next year.
> Yule Wreath : In Scandinavia, the centre of the Yule festivities  
> (especially before the German tree was adopted) was the Yule wreath;  
> many families have wrought-iron candleholder wreaths as family  
> heirlooms, and these are also woven with evergreen branches.
> We will have forms, evergreens and and decorations available to make  
> your own wreath to decorate your home.
> Wassail : Wassail comes from the Old English words waes hael, which  
> means "be well," "be hale," or "good health." A strong, hot drink  
> (usually a mixture of ale, honey, and spices) would be put in a  
> large bowl, and the host would lift it and greet his companions with  
> "waes hael," to which they would reply "drinc hael," which meant  
> "drink and be well." Over the centuries some non-alcoholic versions  
> of wassail evolved.
> I will bring wassail with me for a toast during the pot-luck feast.  
> It would have been traditional to pass the cup around for everyone  
> to drink from, but please bring your own mug or cup that will hold a  
> hot drink to share in the good wishes!
> The Twelve Days of Christmas (yes, this is post period for us, but  
> it sounded fun...) : Although the specific origins of the chant are  
> not known, it possibly began as a Twelfth Night "memories-and- 
> forfeits" game, in which a leader recited a verse, each of the  
> players repeated the verse, the leader added another verse, and so  
> on until one of the players made a mistake. . .
> So, let’s make our own Twelve Days. Instead of a leader, each person  
> will add a verse, and we will go around the room writing our own  
> version – and see how many you can remember.
> The youth are also invited to participate, and we will have youth  
> activities.
> Parents, Please be advised that if the weather is appropriate, the  
> children will be out of doors for one of the activities. PLEASE  
> dress your children in clothing that can be played in and keep them  
> warm and dry while outside.
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