[CAM] Boars Head.....Another Thanks......

Charvonne Kemp charvonne.kemp at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 22:29:05 CST 2009

To Our King and Queen of Northshield, Zig and Elizabeth, Our Prince and
Princess of Northshield, Sir Tom and Sigrid, Their Royal Magesties  of
Midrealm,Dag and  Anne Marie and His Royal Highness of Midlream, Radagaisus,
your prescence was STELLAR.

To the Young Marines!!! You brought tears to my eyes again this year!!! AND
your help at the event is IMMENSELY appreciated!!!!

All who donated toys. We collected TWO more boxes of toys than last year!!!!
THANK YOU for the donatiions!!!!

Qaveh (Lane, Sarah,Kristel, Brian, Zartan): Thank you for taking a vision I
had and making it a reality. You guys FAR exceeded my expectations.

Silent Auction and the Cookie Caper were resounding Successes!!!!

 Dahrien and Druscilla for taking my Queens Spy game and making it a HIT!!
The surpirse ending had the Big Guy blushing!!!

To the Feast o Crats people can't brag enough about your food!!!

Deo and Adeliz the Stained Glass and the castle walls were PHENOMONAL!!!!

Albrecht and Eva the columns made me speechless. You guys did AMAZING work
on them.

To our Teachers of the classes, A lot was learned and enjoyed!!!!!!!

And to the Merchants, Shopping was PHENOMONAL!

Arnbjorn, Tatianna, Elspeth, Toshikage, Leif, Geodfrey, Abelard, Simon,
Gwyneth, Sascha, Lieflett, Katie (all of them :)), Liz, Sean, Asobella,
Sigrid, Rose Marian, Alice, Kateryn, Shadewes Company, Genvieve, Michael,
Missy, Erin, Aoife, Rowan, Johan, Ben,Turm an dem See and.....countless

*Nikea and Julianna *
*PS The Lost and Found list will be posted in the morrow!*
*PSS If I didn't name you it's because my brain is fried :); but you were
extremely important to this event!*
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