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Why Dahrien!

You having just received recognition and elevated to a Baron of Caer
Anterth Mawr - surely you cannot be unaware of your notoriety fame! 

Was it not you who provided a good deal of detail when I requested
information about the arts of the bard? And, provided greater detail on
Yule and other background information when I have asked it? Are you not
very active, and often amusing, within these letters?

As I was pouring coffee, rolling out rugs, and arranging pillows and
sweets, I heard the name "Dahrien!" called out from the Court, and from
that moment, laughter and applauding were frequent.  I thought to
myself, "I had it within my intentions to meet this Dahrien already, but
surely I must meet him now if he so forwardly speaks to the court, and
the populace adore him."   I could not, however, see or entirely hear
everything you said from the Qahveh.

I thought for certain that, during my time as retainer during afternoon
Court, I would most assuredly see you more. This way, I could know what
you look like and seek you out.  Perhaps to inquire about bardic arts,
perhaps just to connect and know with whom I was speaking.  This did not
happen, unfortunately. (I also missed several other people I wanted to
say hello to, who left shortly after Court.)

So, needless to say, I will have to keep trying!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend events this week, or this
weekend's Yule. I need to just say No for a little bit and recover from
the past hectic couple of weeks.

But...I'm sure we'll run into each other somewhere.  It sounds like
Nikea will not take "No" as an answer from me for long. 

At the Qahveh, oooh at the Qaaah-Veh.

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Wow!  That letter caught me off guard, and now I'm just chuckling and 
laughing uncontrollably, Lane :))) .  Well, we'll have to meet at the
Court, Like I just said.  Even if we both wind up at fighter's practice 
tomorrow; I'll see tomorrow night how recovered I am from a long weekend

(which started with 2.5 hours of sleep on Thursday and about three [or
four?] hours on Friday and no expected naps Sunday :) ).  I gotta say, 
though, I had a blast all the way through: From, yes, the new Baronial 
status my wife and I enjoy and being given the chance to "pick up the
on the roll" to present Margaret Malise with her coronet -- Awesome, 
Siegfried, super job, thanks for that kind of chance!! --  to designing
running the kids' game called "The Queen's Spy" with Druscilla Galbraith
Leif Leifsson & Alexander son of Nikea (you know, all that Court biz
away from my time to finish last-minute prep *before* the announced game

time ;> ), and hearing reports back from my machinations later, and
Kou Toshikage at last recognized as a Laurel (with ceremony for
induction to 
come later) and Eva's Cygnus, and Julianna's, and Ginevra's (f.k.a.
AoA, and love and teasing, and later on going to be at Sarra Romney and 
Chandler Grayfeather's wedding (where, no we did *not* wear the
it's THEIR day) and reception (where we did; it's THEIR day of whimsy
delight, with wind-up toys and a PlayStation and dancing and a bardic
and flying balloons and a song from Chandler to Sarra sung by his Mom
lyrics of which were about six minutes of scat + "You're the one" + more

minutes of scat to finish WOO), and getting back home eventually to a
circle in progress in our living room, and making a lemon cake YAY
'cause I 
could and I was peckish :) , and getting to sleep eventually some time 
before the sun came up.  Yeah, a blast of a weekend.

Umm, ahem, like I was saying originally, I'm playing tomorrow's practice
ear, but either way, I'll hope to meet you at Yule Court.  Your
for Our Little Hobby is evident, and I look forward to meeting another 

So, *chuckle*, I need to ask, I need to:  What prompted this thought,
the letter you sent for just that purpose to the list :) ?  Yeah, you
me off-guard.  (Does this mean I'm some kind of famous?)

I Sign,
-- T(Wa)E Baron Dahrien "Did you know that a coronet and a convincing 
attitude combined with tinted windows will keep an aggressive man from 
bothering you further at the gas station?" Cordell  =)

L Burns wrote:
> And I never got to meet Dahrien. I was still setting up the Qahveh
> he was in the morning court.
> Shoot!
> Lane
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