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I like her. Can we keep her?


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>  Why Dahrien!
> You having just received recognition and elevated to a Baron of Caer
> Anterth Mawr - surely you cannot be unaware of your notoriety fame!
> Was it not you who provided a good deal of detail when I requested
> information about the arts of the bard? And, provided greater detail on
> Yule and other background information when I have asked it? Are you not
> very active, and often amusing, within these letters?
> As I was pouring coffee, rolling out rugs, and arranging pillows and
> sweets, I heard the name "Dahrien!" called out from the Court, and from
> that moment, laughter and applauding were frequent.  I thought to myself, "I
> had it within my intentions to meet this Dahrien already, but surely I must
> meet him now if he so forwardly speaks to the court, and the populace
> adore him."   I could not, however, see or entirely hear everything you
> said from the Qahveh.
> I thought for certain that, during my time as retainer during afternoon
> Court, I would most assuredly see you more. This way, I could know what you
> look like and seek you out.  Perhaps to inquire about bardic arts, perhaps
> just to connect and know with whom I was speaking.  This did not happen,
> unfortunately. (I also missed several other people I wanted to say hello to,
> who left shortly after Court.)
> So, needless to say, I will have to keep trying!
> Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend events this week, or this
> weekend’s Yule. I need to just say No for a little bit and recover from
> the past hectic couple of weeks.
> But…I’m sure we’ll run into each other somewhere.  It sounds like Nikea
> will not take “No” as an answer from me for long.
> Lane
> At the Qahveh, oooh at the Qaaah-Veh.
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