[CAM] Gold Key & Quartermaster Photos

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These are both excellent ideas.

Regarding the QM items, if we don't post the *location* of said storage unit, then how will someone know where to find the goodies?  Problem solved!  [And if by some chance items are stolen - as opposed to misplaced - then we know that someone with "inside" information was involved.]


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> Subject: [CAM] Gold Key & Quartermaster Photos
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> Date: Thursday, December 17, 2009, 1:37 AM
> In the minutes from Curia, I saw that
> Gold Key is going to inventory the loaner clothing, and
> photograph it, so that people can see what is (and isn't)
> available.  I suggest (and offer to help implement) a
> web page showing the photos and list of clothing, and
> perhaps with a form set up to mail the Gold Key with
> requests for specific pieces of clothing.  This, or a
> similar plan, would also benefit the Gold Key and borrowers
> since such a form would always refer to each article in the
> same way and distinguish clearly between, for example, two
> gold dresses or three belts.  Descriptions would be
> stored with each picture (and maybe an ID number for each
> piece, just to make it really clear?), and the form would
> have a checkbox by each photo.  Check the pics of the
> garb you want to borrow, enter your name & contact info,
> and hit send.  Sound like a worthwhile thing?
> The web page set-up would be pretty straight-forward; as
> long as the web space has enough storage space, it shouldn't
> be a technical problem.
> And its' just struck me that a similar plan might be good
> for the Quartermaster stuff.  (So I added that to the
> Subject line, too.)  The one difference that comes to
> mind off-hand is the value of the stuff.  I doubt
> anyone is likely to break into Gold Key's house to steal
> some tunics & dresses.  Would posting a list and
> pics of the Quartermaster property be an encouragement to
> break into a storage unit for whatever stuff we have
> there?  If not, great.  If so, maybe we still post
> it on the web site, but with a password for access to those
> pages?  These are questions, not answers, food for
> thought & discussion.
> -- Dahrien Cordell, idea man  =)
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