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Sat Dec 19 18:39:08 CST 2009

As in the past, sign me up to run archery


---- Sigrid Svensdottir av Uppsala <sigrid at wi.rr.com> wrote: 

Greetings to All!

As you may have heard already, I have been granted the privilege of  
being the CAM's Event Steward for the 2010 Border Skirmish, and  
sharing the spotlight with me as Co-Steward for the Ravenslake group,  
Calybrid Ine Tere, and a few other extremely capable people I know and  
trust, so I believe we are in exceptional hands.

With the Christmas holiday just a week away, I would like to schedule  
our first Borders Skirmish meeting after the holidays, so we are  
planning for 12th Night in Chicago, on Jan 16th which would be a  
really nice place for both groups to plot, er I mean.... plan our  
terrific event together!  The time hasnt been determined as of yet,  
but I will get that out the moment we have that nailed down.  This  
would be a terrific meeting to come to and get first hand info on this  
year's plans for Border Skirmish!

Of course, many hands make light work and like any other event, Border  
Skirmish is no exception, which means at the moment, Im happily  
accepting volunteers for numerous positions on the CAM side (and the  
good Lady Calybrid will be procuring help for the Ravenslake  
positions) and will have a list available at our first meeting.

Looking forward to our first meeting!


Lady Sigrid Svensdottir av Uppsala
Border Skirmish Steward - CAM

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