[CAM] Who's going to 12th Night in Nordskogen?

Dawn Gundlach dawn.gundlach at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 10:38:04 CST 2009


Just an FYI - My 40th birthday is Friday the 8th of January. This being the
start of my mid-life cri... ummm... this being the start of my glorious
forties... yeah that sounds better (but I feel 10 years younger!!)...
nothing would please me more than to be surrounded by my SCA friends and
family at 12th Night on January 9th.

I have two half formed plans... the Nordkogen folk are looking into booking
a block of rooms and reserving a meeting room at a hotel for a post-revel
after the event - there is no feast - if that happens I will bring a cake
and order some pizza and salad and would love it if as many of my SCA
friends attending 12th Night as possible would join me in a small
celebration. - Yes I have already discussed with the Nordies - they will let
me know if they get the room.

If they can't get the meeting room, there is a nice restaurant close to the
site that also has a meeting room... I can't spring for dinner, but would be
happy to buy anyone who shows up a beer/soda. Here's a link to the
restaurant that was recommended to me by one of the locals.
http://www.sarnas-classic-grill.com/  It looks pretty good and there are a
lot of menu choices.

Sooo... let me know if your attending 12th Night. Depending on which venue
will be available I will update you guys closer to the date so you can plan
accordingly - It we get the hotel meeting room I'll need to know if you want
pizza so I can order the correct amount.

Happy Solstice!

Gabrielle le Chevreuil - almost (but not quite) 40!

And no this isn't a shameless plug for gifts. I have too much 'stuff'
already. I just want to be surrounded by friends. ;)
I mean it!
I'm tryng to get rid of stuff.
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