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I think the loaner garb pics (with request form) is a Very Worthwhile Thing (tm)... and maybe future quartermasters would find an online searchable inventory a great help? I think from the emails I scanned over, we have all the volunteer help needed to accomplish this.

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        I know there have been posts replying to this but I just deleted them by mistake.  So I can say that we have pictures on the stuff that is looked after by the quartermaster.  Basically the stuff in the storage unit.  No I don't think it needs to be put on line, alot of work for really no purpose.  The only time people use most fo the stuff out of the storage unit is for Boar's Head and teh quartermaster can send them a copy of the inventory file.  If someone is looking for a ramdom something for another event they can just ask me about it.



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          In the minutes from Curia, I saw that Gold Key is going to inventory the loaner clothing, and photograph it, so that people can see what is (and isn't) available.  I suggest (and offer to help implement) a web page showing the photos and list of clothing, and perhaps with a form set up to mail the Gold Key with requests for specific pieces of clothing.  This, or a similar plan, would also benefit the Gold Key and borrowers since such a form would always refer to each article in the same way and distinguish clearly between, for example, two gold dresses or three belts.  Descriptions would be stored with each picture (and maybe an ID number for each piece, just to make it really clear?), and the form would have a checkbox by each photo.  Check the pics of the garb you want to borrow, enter your name & contact info, and hit send.  Sound like a worthwhile thing?

          The web page set-up would be pretty straight-forward; as long as the web space has enough storage space, it shouldn't be a technical problem.

          And its' just struck me that a similar plan might be good for the Quartermaster stuff.  (So I added that to the Subject line, too.)  The one difference that comes to mind off-hand is the value of the stuff.  I doubt anyone is likely to break into Gold Key's house to steal some tunics & dresses.  Would posting a list and pics of the Quartermaster property be an encouragement to break into a storage unit for whatever stuff we have there?  If not, great.  If so, maybe we still post it on the web site, but with a password for access to those pages?  These are questions, not answers, food for thought & discussion.

          -- Dahrien Cordell, idea man  =)

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