[CAM] OT: Bollywood Movie Day

Jennifer Moore blackbelt84 at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 30 10:15:28 CST 2009

The date is set!  Sunday, January 24 (the day after "Flesh Wound").  Come on over to David and my house at 2:00 pm (or any time after that).  Bring your favorite Bollywood movies and we'll have an all day movie fest.


I figure we'll start with what I call Bollywood Light.  Bride and Prejudice is the perfect introduction to what Bollywood is.  Google it if you need to, these movies are a blast.


Bring a treat to share and something to drink if you're inclined.  We'll have snacks and figure out what to do when we all get hungry for dinner.  There's a grocery store a block away from the house.


Let me know if you plan on coming, but if you don't RSVP don't let that keep you away.


We're at 1815 E. Wood Place in Shorewood.



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