[CAM] Activities in Caer Anterth 11/02-11/8/2009

Wesley Adams bwa22 at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 1 17:14:05 CST 2009

Here is this week's reminder of upcoming activties:
Monday (11/02):
Archery Practice: Cancelled 
Fighter & Rapier Practice: 7-9 pm Marquette Univ- north of (16th & Wells) 
Saturday (10/31):
Stellar University of Northshield (SUN)- Barony of Jararvellir
Sunday (11/1):
Fighter Practice: 1-4 pm, Lake Park 
As always, if there is anything I missed, please let us know.

The Honorable Lord Arnbjorn Karlsson, OT
Barony of Caer Anterth Mawr, Baronial Archery Champion, Herald-at-Large
Per fess argent and sable, an eagle displayed and a bear passant counterchanged

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