[CAM] Friday project day - keep Dahrien company?

dahrien at VIGIL1.com dahrien at VIGIL1.com
Fri Nov 6 01:34:13 CST 2009

Today (Friday 11/6/09), after 8am in the morning, I'll be working on
some molds for pewter casting, and casting.  Anybody want to keep me
working and keep me company?

You can bring something of your own to work on, learn from me, or
just hang out.  Food provided, too; we'll find something :) .  The
point is that I was the youngest kid and play and work better with
others :) .

Dahrien & Mysie's
6719 W. Moltke Ave.
Milwaukee, WI  53210 
hold calls today till after 8am, please:  (414) 442-2720

-- Dahrien  =)

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