[CAM] Cooking?

masanger at kwm.sca.org masanger at kwm.sca.org
Mon Nov 16 14:00:23 CST 2009

Sorry, I'll be coming home from Pittsburgh.

Rose Marian

> Well, I know some folks said they would like to wait for the new year,
> but I could do Sunday Nov 29th (I know it's the Sunday after
> Thanksgiving, but I will be here, and if others will too. . .)
> I suppose, other than that, I really can't do it before the New Year,
> since the next free Sunday for me would be January 17th.
> A little thought says here's what I propose:
> A rotating schedule of homes.  The host picks the theme for the
> night, announcing it at least a meeting ahead so that people can
> prepare. If possible (time and space allow) we can do hands-on work at
> the home, then sample the dish/dishes, then discuss what we learned.
> Sound okay?  Anyone in for the 29th?
> Gwyneth

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