[CAM] The Qahveh at Boars Head, A Medieval Faire, with a Roman Flair..... 2009

Kemp, Charvonne F. Charvonne.Kemp at umb.com
Mon Nov 16 16:22:46 CST 2009

The Qahveh
"Coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love." -
Turkish Proverb
The Qahveh lays out its rugs for the first time at Boar's Head XXXII.
Luxuriate in the relaxing atmosphere of the Qahveh with a great view of
the tournament and surrounding activities.  Decorative textiles,
comfortable pillows, trays glinting in the borrowed lantern light - a
birthplace for inspiration! 
The Qahveh will open shortly after morning Court and offer
Turkish-American style coffee, Arabic coffee, and hot water for tea. A
few snacks may also be available. Some premade tea sacs will be
available, but feel free to bring your own. 
Starting at 1pm, the Qahveh will host Dance and Drumming classes that
will continue through till 4pm. These classes will take place just
outside the coffeehouse. The schedule is as follows:
1pm-2pm	Beginner Doumbek - Drumming class with Zartan	
2pm-2:30pm	Intro to Afro-Belly Fusion Dance
*	10 minutes Bellydance Basics (moves that support African Dance)
*	20 minutes African-Belly fusion Dance Class 	
2:30pm-3pm	Intro to Indian Dance Forms
*	10 minutes Bellydance Basics (moves that support Indian Dance)
*	20 minutes Rajasthani/Bhangra/Bharatnayam	
3pm-3:30pm	Intro to Turkish Romani Bellydance
*	10 minutes Bellydance Basics (moves that support Folk/Turkish
Romani Dance)
*	20 minutes Turkish Romani Dance (attendees bring a large skirt!)

3:30-3:55pm	All open dance and drumming circle 	

Please note that the coffeehouse and dance space will close at 4pm to
allow for evening court. Drumming may continue throughout the dance
classes as well. 
Coffeehouses known as Qahveh initially popped up in Mecca. Originally
religious in purpose, the houses began allowing chess & backgammon
playing, as well as harboring secular & politically natured
conversations. Politicians, philosophers, artists, storytellers,
students, travelers and tradesmen all gathered to hear musicians
perform. These coffeehouses were filled with revelry, gambling, and
spirited political, social and religious discussions. With all this free
thinking taking place, dancing & all types of "debauchery" soon
followed! Coffee houses quickly gained popularity and traveled to many
parts of the region including Cairo and Aden.

Hosted by: Lane,  Sarah  and Kristel  

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