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Since the formatting of that table disappeared in the last post, I thought I'd repost the classes to make sure everyone can read it.


If anyone has any questions with regard to The Qahveh, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will have paper cups, but using your own feast gear helps us keep cost and waste down.



Beginner Doumbek - Drumming class with Zartan


Intro to Afro-Belly Fusion Dance

·               10 minutes Bellydance Basics (moves that support African Dance)

·               20 minutes African-Belly fusion Dance Class 


Intro to Indian Dance Forms

·               10 minutes Bellydance Basics (moves that support Indian Dance)

·               20 minutes Rajasthani/Bhangra/Bharatnayam


Intro to Turkish Romani Bellydance

·               10 minutes Bellydance Basics (moves that support Folk/Turkish Romani Dance)

·               20 minutes Turkish Romani Dance (attendees bring a large skirt!)


All open dance and drumming circle 


Drumming may continue throughout the dance classes. Please note that the coffeehouse and dance space will close at 4pm to allow for evening court. 


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