[CAM] Cooking?

Dahrien Cordell dahrien at VIGIL1.com
Wed Nov 18 00:39:49 CST 2009

Hey, that'd be a great week to focus on traditional birthday foods from 
Medieval cultures, if such can be researched and found!  Jan 17 is Dahrien's 
B-day, after all.

-- Dahrien Cordell, helpful suggester  =)

Typhaine Arondeal wrote:
> 17 January is on the calendar. We'll be coming back from ND and may not 
> make the November evening. Can't wait to host one... teehee!!
> Typhaine
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>     OKay, let's do both.
>     On Sunday, November 29th at 4:00 pm I will open my house for a
>     Medieval cooking afternoon/evening.  Anyone who wishes to come along
>     and do their particular A&S thing is also welcome to come over and
>     hang out with us, and possibly taste the end results.
>     Let me think on it for a little bit and I will announce the cooking
>     topic.
>     Gwyneth

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