[CAM] Curia Notes from Nov 17

Paul Knappenberger knappenp at jiffyscript.com
Wed Nov 18 09:55:31 CST 2009

November 17, 2009
Officers Reports:
*Baron and Baroness: Submit award recommendations for Boar's Head and Yule 
Moot! We need to collect items for royalty baskets for Boar's Head (there 
are seven Royals coming - King, Queen, Prince, and Princess Northshield, 
King, Queen, Prince Midrealm). Alice is embroidering napkins. Donate 
stuff! Also, the planning meeting has happened. More planning will happen 
in June.
*Chatelaine: The Marquette group would really like a demo to drum up 
interest on their campus. We should look for a demo coordinator...
*Exchequer: Give me receipts for Boar's Head in advance, if you can. 
Deadline will be Yule Moot. We have no outstanding debts. Officially 
looking for a replacement - stepping down in March/April. We need to pay 
taxes at Boar's Head - will do the usual ($250, half to travel fund, half 
to general fund).
*Quartermaster: If you need anything out of the storage locker for Boar's 
Head, let me know by November 20th (Friday). I'll go this weekend to pull 
everything we need off the shelves and put it all in a pile so that the 
Boar's Head autocrats can load the truck faster.
*Herald: Still herald. Today is the deadline for letters of intent - and 
the new Herald will be Arnbjorn, as of Yule Court.
*Minister of Children: We'll have stuff for Yule Court. Local kids aren't 
doing anything special right now.
*Chronicler: Deadline for Tower submissions will be January 8, to include 
Boar's Head stuff.
*Web Minister: Will post the Yule Court stuff with the Curia notes, and 
try to post the new Resources information this weekend.
*Minister of Arts and Sciences: Nothing new.
*Knights Marshal: The office is officially open. Only one person has 
expressed interest, but has not yet put in a letter. We still have 
practices at Marquette, but the weather is getting cold for Lake Park.
*Archery Marshal: No archery practice November 23rd because of hunting 
*Seneschal: Out sick. Thanks to Gwyneth for filling in!

Old Business:
*Boar's Head: Website continues to be updated. Scheduling has shifted 
slightly to add a 10 AM morning court, which moves afternoon court to 4:30 
and feast to 6:30. Bar opens at 11. All tournaments will immediately 
follow morning court. Send Nikea stuff for the booklet. There won't be a 
dais, but will be a raised platform for the royalty. The autocrats have a 
plan to get stuff in place early. Re: the Cookie Caper, we may have 
Princess Bride cookies. Bring containers! There will be a notice stating 
that no care will be taken to keep the cookies separated (that is, people 
who are allergic to nuts should avoid the cookies). We have filled all of 
the merchant slots and have an overflow list. People can get in to site to 
set up between 7:30 AM and 10 PM.
*Border Skirmish: Today was the deadline for bids. An announcement will 
occur soon.
*Officer Badges: Two of them are complete.
*Yule Court: See the website at http://caeranterth.org/Calendar/yule.html. 
Info went out to the email list. It's the weekend after Boar's Head, at 
St. Ed's, and setup is at 3:30. There will be a potluck feast and things 
to do.
*Coronation Bid: Waiting for Mistress Isabella to complete the bid and 
submit it.

New Business:
*Youth Event: Looking at the Bay-Lakes Council Boy Scout camp "Kohler 
Castle" (and possibly the Gunderson Viking Baten) as a location for a 
youth event October 15-17, 2010. Can rent just the castle or also the 
viking ship. Can also camp on the grounds. CAM voted and approved the 
event. Site information at: 

Guilds and Groups:
*Brewing and Vintning: Bring stuff to Yule Moot for drinking and tasting.
*Calligraphy and Illumination: Will begin again right after Boar's Head.
*Marquette group: Fighting site moving to the Annex for next semester. 
Practice will be Thursdays from January through March, then Mondays in 
April and May.
*Cooking: Maybe November 29. Definitely January 17.

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