[CAM] Bones Tourney at Boars Head

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Also, if you have Bones please feel free to bring them as well. That way
we can have more than one game going! 




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I LOVE BONES!!! Oh man I cannot wait for this!

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Blame It On The Bones!
Come join the fun at Boarshead!
Elspeth O'Leary will be hosting a Bones Tourney in the Populace Area
Bones is a game of chance where two or more players get together and
throw trinkets into the pot. Each trinket has a story to be told. The
players roll the bones (dice) to see who takes the pot. See how many
trinkets you can win, and how many stories you can make up!
The Tourney starts at 10 a.m. and runs until 3 p.m.
I do have some trinkets for people to use, but if you have your own
bring them along and tell the story of how you acquired them (a simple
story or as elaborate as you want); raise the stakes and the stories!
Come Join the Tourney Where Everyone Wins!
If you have questions, please contact Elspeth O'Leary at
lauxie3 at tds.net

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