[CAM] Irish Archaeology Lecture - UWM - Tues. Dec. 1, 7 PM; Irish Language Day Feb. 2010

Priscilla J Kucik pkucik at uwm.edu
Tue Nov 24 11:45:34 CST 2009

A Chara, Dear Friends of Celtic Studies, 

               The Archaeology of Achill and Achillbeg Islands: 
                      UWM Archaeology in County Mayo, Ireland. 

A group of UWM faculty has begun a preliminary research program in western Ireland.  In 
cooperation with the Achill Field School, a team of faculty and students undertook a short 
study-tour of Achill Island, Achillbeg Island, and adjacent areas in Mayo County.   

Between 2005 and 2008, UWM returned to Achillbeg to conduct mapping and site monitoring 
of two sites.  You are invited to join us on Tuesday, December 1st for a lecture by Professor 
Bob Jeske.  A Professor of Anthropology here at UWM, he will be discussing the archaeology of 
the area being studied and the preliminary results of work undertaken at Dun Kilmore, a 
mortified monastic site, and Trá Bó Deirge, a stratified midden site. 

                       Tuesday, December 1st 
                               7 p.m. 
                        Curtin Hall, 368 
Mark your calendars for Irish Language Day, February 20th, 2010 .   

Join us for a day of classes in Irish language, workshops in traditional singing and old-style dancing, movies, concerts and presentations. Complete beginners welcome!  More information to come. 

We hope to see you at these fascinating events. 
John Gleeson

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