[CAM] OT - good electrician?

Mary Waller druid at wi.rr.com
Thu Nov 26 08:41:19 CST 2009

Actually, there are 3 things: 

    1.  a recessed ceiling light that keeps burning out bulbs while the 
identical others put in at the same time don't.

    2.  an outside garage/yard light fixture that got bashed somehow 
this summer and needs to be replaced.

    3.  dining room chandelier that flickers when no other lights in the 
house do that (it has regular bulbs).

The sad thing about this is that when my house was gutted and entirely 
redone about 7 years ago, ALL the inside electric wiring was replaced.  
That's why I'm not interested in calling that particular contractor, 
since obviously their guy(s) didn't do it right the first time.

Hmmmm.  Obviously knights have more talents than just looking gorgeous 
and being hospitable!


Sir Leif wrote:
> What are they maybe I can fix them for you ?
> Sir Leif (Gray Fox) Haakonson
> May Thórr protect you with that hammer which came from out of the sea 
> and may the lightning hold all evil away from you.
> (Öl52 inscription, Öland, Sweden)
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> Anybody have a good and reasonably-priced electrician they can 
> recommend? I've got 2 things that need to be done and haven't been 
> very pleased with the ones I've used before (hence the problem). 
> They're small problems but it'll be good to have them fixed. 
> Gwynedd 
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