[CAM] Corydon will be ok.

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Obviously, Corydon will not be at practice tonight. He's pooped out.


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Man I am happy to hear hes still with us also! 

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This is very belated, but we're relieved to hear that Corydon will be ok after the accident.

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The most important news is that Corydon will be alright. He was hit by a car while on his bike yesterday. He's got ten stitches and five steristrips and a hematoma and will be really sore for a while. The emergency personnel all loved him because he was so easygoing while so hurt and being worked on.

If I said I would do anything at or after Curia, I hadn't gotten to it before the accident happened, so email me privately if you're expecting an answer, cuz I've no idea.

And for gods sake, don't drive a
 car backward down a street for any reason!


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